Our Software Solutions

DLC/DDM control

We place a strong emphasis on collaboration with our clients to provide a holistic and sustainable solution. Our focus is on creating a system that not only monitors product expiry dates but also goes further in achieving several critical objectives.

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At Deskiit, our approach involves close collaboration with clients to pinpoint their unique requirements. We then tailor a comprehensive process automation solution centered on enhancing cleaning operations, guaranteeing a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

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We adopt a meticulous approach to develop a sustainable solution, one that revolves around monitoring minibar consumption and product DLC. By doing so, we aim to eliminate unjustified billing discrepancies, elevate overall profitability, and streamline communication processes.

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Digital Signage Solution

At Deskiit, we place a strong emphasis on the timely delivery of digital information. Recognizing the significance of this, we collaborate closely with our clients to offer an enduring solution.

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Material Control

At Deskiit, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach with clients, striving to deliver a comprehensive solution that significantly enhances the efficient use of reusable event materials.

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Room Service Automation

Seamless integration, prioritizing convenience, energy efficiency, and guest satisfaction, our automation solutions set a new standard for comfort and luxury in the hospitality industry.

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Our Vision


Our goal is to become the foremost provider of innovative solutions for enhancing the efficiency and profitability of the hospitality industry. We have a vision of a world where technology empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

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Our Mission


At our core, we are dedicated to empowering hospitality businesses to unlock their maximum potential through customized process improvement solutions that optimize operations and elevate customer satisfaction.

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Our Hardware Solution

Other Services

Deskiit Consulting

Our portfolio of services is both comprehensive and finely tuned to cater to the unique demands. Our services are meticulously tailored to encompass a broad spectrum of requirements.

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